Saké Nomi logo Nomidachi News • Vol. 8 • Januaray 22, 2008
Saké Happenings:

>Revised Schedule: Wed., Jan. 23: Noon -6 p.m.
>Spots Still Available: Same Saké, Different Vessels: Jan. 25 @ 7 p.m.

>Saké Nomi Cinema, Sun., 1/27: The Simpsons vs. South Park
>Wii Bowling: Tuesdays, beginning Jan. 29
>Sushi Suiyobi! Sushi on Wednesdays from Jan. 30
>Welcome to Washington! New Saké Event: Sat., Feb. 2
>Bob Marley Birthday Celebration: Wed., Feb. 6

Dear Nomidachi:

'Sorry to hit you with another version of the newsletter so soon after the last one, but we wanted to be sure to keep you apprised of everything that's happening at Saké Nomi in the coming weeks.

If you have a chance to take a look at February's issue of Wine & Spirits magazine, check out the saké article on pgs. 20-21. It's our first national media exposure, so we're pretty excited. (There's also a really cool uncredited photo of our shelves in the magazine's table of contents.)

Keep an eye out, too, for the Feb. edition of Seattle Magazine, in which we are scheduled to appear.

Items of note in this edition of the newsletter include our special schedule on Wed., Jan. 23 (we're closing at 6 p.m.), the availability of a few spots for our "Same Saké, Different Vessels" session on Fri., Jan. 25, and the next edition of Saké Nomi Cinema on Sun., Jan. 27, which will be a very lighthearted look at some Japan/U.S. stereotypes courtesy of the creators of "The Simpsons" and "South Park."

In addition, Wii bowling will make its debut on Tues., Jan. 29 (maybe we can do a future movie night tie-in with "The Big Lebowski"), we'll give "sushi night," a go every Wednesday, beginning Jan. 30, and we'll be holding a special new saké event to mark the arrival of some very exciting additions to Saké Nomi's shelves on Sat., Feb. 2.

Oh yeah, mon, don't forget to join us on Wed., Feb. 6 as we get feeling irie and celebrate Brother Bob Marley's birthday with special music, video, and, of course, premium Japanese saké.

'Hope to see you soon!


Johnnie & Taiko


Revised Schedule: Wed., Jan. 23
Open Noon - 6 p.m.

We apologize for the short notice, and any inconvenience it may cause, but we will be closing early at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 23 in order to host a special saké tasting at the Henry Art Gallery.

Have no fear, however, as we return to our regular hours of operation (Noon - 8 p.m.) the next day.


Same Saké, Different Vessels: Fri., Jan. 25
Reserve your spot today!

A frequent question we field at the shop is,"What should I be drinking my saké out of?"

While the short answer is, "Anything that will hold your desired amount of the divine beverage," another truth is that your choice of glass/ceramic ware will have a noticeable influence on how you taste and appreciate any given saké.

To further explore this concept, we will be hosting a "Same Saké, Different Vessels" seminar on Friday, Jan. 25 @ 7 p.m. During the tasting, we will be comparing tasting experiences with 3 different saké utilizing a kikijoko (traditional "snake eye" tasting cup), a Riedel "O" saké glass, a (hand-crafted ceramic saké cup by Akiko Graham of Akiko's Pottery (, and a cedar masu (you know, that wooden box!).

Cost for the session is $70/person, and includes all saké and food, as well as the Riedel "O" glass, the ceramic cup from Akiko's Pottery, and the Saké Nomi masu -- all of which you get to keep!

Though most spots are filled, our philosophy is the more, the merrier! If you are interested in joining us, please RSVP by e-mail or phone ([email protected]/206-467-SAKE) by noon Thursday, Jan. 24.

Saké Nomi Cinema: Sun., Jan. 27 @ 5 p.m.
The Simpsons vs. South Park and BYOP (Bring Your Own Popcorn)

If you're in need of a good laugh (and aren't easily offended), please join us this Sunday, Jan. 27 @ 5 p.m., as we screen Japan-centric episodes of The Simpsons ("Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo") and South Park ("Chinpoko Mon").

For those of you who haven't yet seen these episodes (originally aired in 1999), you are in for an irreverent treat! I don't want to give too much of the plots away, but the Simpsons travel to Japan, and the minds of South Park youth are further corrupted by an innocent-seeming Japanese anime series (and the series-inspired action figures, video games, etc., etc.).

In MPAA terms, let's say The Simpsons would be PG-13, and South Park is closer to R.

'Hope to see you Sunday!

Wii Bowling: Tues., Jan. 29
Come on down and show Johnnie how to play this damn thing!

Join us on Tues., Jan. 29 for another Seattle first: Wii bowling and premium Japanese saké!

Why? Just because it seemed like someone ought to do it.

Play will be on a first come, first serve basis, and we'll float around a sign up sheet to make sure everyone gets a turn to play. Wii character selection will be limited mostly to what our girls have designed, unless you're not really into Harry Potter and want to quickly design your own.

We kind of envision this developing into a weekly league, but a very informal and saké-influenced one, at that. We'll start play around 5:30 or so, unless you can get off work and make it down here earlier!


Sushi Suiyobi!
Sushi delivered for dinner @ Saké Nomi, every Wedneday night beginning Jan. 30

As much as we like pairing saké with diverse cuisines, there's no denying that it is the ultimate match for sushi.

We've also been asked for sushi by so many customers, so many times, that we figured we better do something about it.

With the help of our friends at J Sushi, we've decided to give "sushi night" a try. Wednesday (Suiyobi in Japanese) just happened to work for everyone, so we will host our first one on Wednesday, Jan. 30.

The menu selections and prices will be :

Set A/$30: 1 pc. each of Hamachi(yellowtail), Maguro(tuna), Hirame (whitefish), Ebi (shrimp), Hotate (scallop), and 1 Super Dave Roll (includes salmon, scallop, crab, tobiko, avocado)

Set B/$25:1 pc. each of Aji (spanish mackerel), Sake (salmon), Tako (octopus), Albacore (white tuna), Ika (squid), and 1 Kappa (cucumber) roll and 1 Tekka (tuna) roll

Set C (Vegetarian)/$20: 1 pc. nigiri each of Shiitake mushroom, Asparagus, Inari, Kawaie oba (bean sprouts wrap), Yamagobo (pickles), and one Veggie roll (cucumber)

All prices above include tax & tip for the sushi man, "Super" Dave Nakamura)

We'll schedule delivery to the shop between 6- 6:30 p.m. As always, our rotating selection of fine premium Japanese saké will be available by the glass, and we'll gladly offer suggestions if you're looking for a little liquid guidance.

If you'd like to join us for this first go-round, we must receive your order (via e-mail or phone: [email protected] or 206-467-7253) by Noon on Wed., Jan. 30. We also must request that you cofirm your order with a valid credit card number. We won't charge your card, and you'll be free to pay with cash or credit card after your meal.

Bon Apetit and Itadakimasu!!


"New" Saké Event: Sat., Feb. 2: Noon - 8 p.m.
Featuring saké available in Washington for the very first time!

Please join us on Sat., Feb. 2, as we pop the tops on some saké we've been anxiously waiting to acquire.

In addition to our regular weekly menu, we'll also feature several brand new selections by the glass, including:

Urakasumi "Zen"- Junmai Ginjo (Miyagi)

Tsukinokatsura Heiankyo- Junmai Daiginjo brewed with organic rice (Kyoto)

Masumi Sanka "Mountain Flower"- Junmai Daiginjo featured at last September's Masumi event (Nagano)

Tsukasabotan Senchu Hassaku "Eight Point Plan"- Tokubetsu Junmai (Kochi)

Asabiraki "Zen"- Tokubetsu Junmai (Iwate)

And many, many more! We look forward to filling your glass on February 2!!


Happy Birthday, Rasta Bob!
Celebrating his life & music (with saké) Wed., Feb. 6

We appreciate all the positive feedback about Saké Nomi's atmosphere we've received from our nomidachi, and it's particularly gratifying when folks tell us they like our choice in music.

If you've ever been to the shop, you know we play what we like, and what we like are tunes from just about every musical genre (we spent most of a year burning all our CDs and tweaking the mix).

One of our favorite types of music, though, is (roots, rock) Reggae, and one of our favorite artists is Bob Marley.

Please join us on Wed., Feb. 6 as we celebrate the birthday of Robert Nesta Marley (born on this date in 1945). We'll feature his music all day long, including tracks from "Bob Marley & the Wailers Live at the Roxy," a recording of a legendary 1976 concert in the famous L.A. nightclub.

Around 5:30 p.m., we'll screen "Bob Marley The Legend Live," footage from a 1979 concert in Santa Barbara, CA, believed to be the final video recorded performance of Bob & the Wailers before his death in May 1981.

The question remains: Did Bob Marley drink saké? Well, he went to Japan in 1979 . . .

At any rate, "Jah"nnie will be glad to recommend something for you that Rasta Bob would have enjoyed.

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