Saké Nomi logo Nomidachi News • Vol.14 • May 30, 2008
Saké Happenings:

>Sake Nomi Cinema: "Kill Bill " (Part 1), Sun., June 1 @ 5 p.m.
>Wii Wednesdays: Come Out & Play!

>Masumi Tasting Event: June 11 @ 5 - 8 p.m.
>Return of "The Saké Lady" and the President of Kasumi Tsuru
>Saké of the Month Club
>Sake Nomi Open Commemorative Golf Outing: Sun., June 29

Dear Nomidachi:

June and the official start of Summer (yeah!) are just around the corner, and, unbelievable as it seems, so is the first anniversary of Saké Nomi!

We couldn't have made it this far without the loyal and generous support of our nomidachi, and we are truly grateful!

In this edition of the newsletter, we briefly mention some of the happenings taking place in the next few weeks.

In addition to the events mentioned below, keep an eye out for announcements to come regarding our first year celebration, set to take place the weekend of June 27-29.

We sincerely hope you can join us for some of these events, and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Johnnie & Taiko


Saké Nomi Cinema: Sun., June 1 @ 5 p.m.
"Kill Bill" (2003, dir. Quentin Tarentino)

Please join us Sunday, June 1 @ 5 p.m., when we screen "Kill Bill (Part 1)."

Quentin Tarentino's fourth film, "Kill Bill" features many Japanese influences/themes, thus qualifying for showing at Saké Nomi.

The language and violence are both graphic and over-the-top (as well as frequently hilarious), but since we are a "21 and over" establishment, that should pre-qualify everyone for this R-rated film.

"Kill Bill" is a frequently requested film by regular attendees of Saké Nomi Cinema, so we're glad to present it in our inaugural year of operation.

Feel free to bring your own favorite snack, and leave the pouring of the premium saké to us!

'See you Sunday!


Wii Wednesdays: Wii play every week, and Wii would like YOU to join us!

'Just a friendly reminder that every Wednesday evening, the Wii is hooked up and available for your virtual recreational enjoyment.

Bowling and golf seem, so far, the most suited to our casual, mellow (??) atmosphere, but we've also recently featured Mariokart, with no major mishaps or hard feelings.

Last week, folks tried their hand at the Tiger Woods PGA Tour game, as well. The highlight of the evening's match (other than Sean "bringing the thunder" on his monstrous drives) was back-to-back hole-in-ones (or is that holes-in-one? Whatever!). We have reason to believe this was a historical first, but are still confirming with Nintendo headquarters.

We hope you'll come visit Saké Nomi on a Wednesday and try your hand at this technological marvel.

Remember, we're much less of a danger to ourselves and others when we drink and play indoors . . .


Masumi Event: June 11 @ 5-8p.m.
Tasting of Special Saké from Japan

Normally, Wednesday means "Wii" (see above). However, Wednesday, June 11 we are pleased to once again welcome Mr. Keith Norum from Nagano's Miyasaka Brewing Co. for a special open house-style tasting event featuring Masumi brand saké.

Miyasaka Brewing Co. produces Masumi Karakuchi Ki-Ippon "Mirror of Truth," (a Saké Nomi favorite we featured on our very first glass pour menu!), as well as Masumi Sanka, "Mountain Flowers," an exquisite junmai daiginjo.

Keith is the head of Miyasaka Brewing's Overseas Operations, and he first visited Saké Nomi back in September. As during his previous visit, in addition to pouring some of his brewery's special saké not yet available in the U.S., Keith will be able to share his insights regarding developments in the Japanese saké industry and sake-related trends in other parts of the world.


Tasting with "The Saké Lady," Hideyo Seek
Thurs., June 19 @ 5 - 8 p.m.
Featuring saké (and the President!) from Hyogo prefecture's Kasumi Tsuru Brewery

Those of you who missed last month's special tasting event with "The Saké Lady," Hideyo Seek are in luck! Hideyo will be returning to Saké Nomi on Thursday, June 19 for a tasting of Kasumi Tsuru brand saké, this time featuring a special guest, the president of the brewery!

Founded in 1725, Kasumi Tsuru is one of the only breweries in Japan producing almost all their saké using the laborious and time-consuming kimoto and yamahai methods for nurturing their saké's yeast starter. These brewing methods lead to earthy, rich, and complex tastes and aromas.

Saké to be featured include:

Kimoto Extra Dry: Quiet impact with mild banana sweetness, caramel undertones, and full-bodied mouthfeel. Tangy and spicy, with lingering citrus-like acidity. An excellent "session" saké, full of umami and richness. Food pairings? Try pizza or barbecue ribs -- really!

Yamahai Ginjo: Light and smooth. Earthy, mineral nose, with woody accents. Underlying watermelon-like sweetness, and a dryness that comes back in delayed tail. Layered and complex.

While supplies last, we might even be able to break out some of Kasumi Tsuru's extra special nama (unpasteurized) saké to taste . . .

Please join us in welcoming our special guest to Seattle on June 19!


Saké of the Month Club
We pick 'em, You drink 'em!

Here at Saké Nomi, we do our best to be sensitive to your saké-related requests.

Many people have inquired about the possibility, and we're pleased to announce that we will soon be offering pre-selected saké to interested folks on a monthly basis.

It'll work something like this: Each month we will pick three different saké (one from each grade) to offer. We will send an announcement, including tasting notes on each selection, to people who have joined the "club," then those folks can order one, two, or all three of the selections.

One cool advantage to being in the club will be the 10% discount members receive when they purchase all three of the monthly selections. (Our normal 10% "case" discount is applied to purchases of 6 bottles or more.)

Initially, the orders will be available for in-store pick-up only, but we are in the process of applying for a license that will allow us to eventually ship orders throughout the U.S., should members desire us to do so.

If you are interested in joining the club (completely FREE, of course), and receiving information regarding the monthly selections, please send your e-mail address to [email protected] with the subject header "Saké Club."


Saké Nomi Open: Commemorative Golf Outing
To commemorate . . . our opening!
Sunday, June 29 @ Foster Golf Links

As part of our one year anniversary festivities, we're pleased to announce that we will be hosting the first (what we hope will be annual) Saké Nomi Open Commemorative Golf Outing.

The date is Sunday, June 29, and the venue will be Tukwila's Foster Golf Links, a hacker-friendly track located conveniently close to the site of the 19th hole, Saké Nomi.

$45/player covers the green and cart fees (payable on the day of the event), with Saké Nomi picking up the tab for lunch and providing each cart with a bottle of liquid encouragement. After the fun and games on the course are complete, we invite everyone to join us at Saké Nomi for the trophy and prize presentation (everyone's a winner!).

We've reserved tee times (starting at 10 a.m.) for up to 16 players. To reserve your spot, please contact Johnnie at [email protected] or by phone at (206) 467-SAKE.

Carl Spackler is tentatively scheduled to perform ceremonial starter duties, but in the event he cannot attend, Johnnie will be glad to share his recent Spackleresque encounter with His Holiness, The Dalai Lama in Seattle. 'Seems the Lama was looking for a drink to steady his nerves before the big compassion event at Qwest Field, and happened upon this funky little sake shop in Pioneer Square . . .

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