Saké Nomi logo Nomidachi News • Vol. 3 • October 17, 2007
Saké Happenings:

>Saké 101: Oct. 25 @ 7 p.m.
>Sakétoberfest & Brewer Visits: Oct. 27, 28 & 31

>New Saké Arrivals
>Roll Your Own Sushi: Nov. 8 @ Kappo
>Saké Dinner @ Chez Shea: Sun., Nov. 18
>1st Annual Saké Nomi Charity Invitational Golf Classic

Dear Nomidachi:

Greetings from Saké Nomi!

In Japan, Fall traditionally marks the beginning of the brewing season, so there is a ton of action taking place at the breweries, as the previous season's brews are released and production on the new season's goodies gets underway.

As timing would have it, the season is shaping up to be an action-packed one at Saké Nomi, as well. Let's call it "Sakétoberfest!"

We have several special events planned in the coming weeks, including visits from Japanese brewers (where they will pour their own saké), saké-themed dinners at area restaurants, and numerous "new arrivals" of prestigious and delicious saké.

We hope you can clear some space from your busy schedule to join us in celebrating Sakétoberfest at Saké Nomi.


Johnnie & Taiko

P.S.: Just a quick note to mention that we always stay open later on the "1st Thursday" of the month for the Pioneer Square ArtWalk. We display art by local artists, so please stop by for a glass (or a bottle!), and join us in supporting and celebrating the arts!

Saké 101: Oct. 25 @ 7:00 p.m.
Still A Few Spots Available!

A quick reminder to let you know that there are still some spots available in the last October session of our Saké 101: "The Basics," or "Why Does This Stuff Taste So Good?" class.

This next session of Saké 101 is set to take place Thurs., Oct. 25 @ 7- 8:30 p.m.

The fee for this "beginner's" level class is $50/person and includes a variety of saké, appetizers, and a 10% discount on any saké or merchandise purchased the night of the class.

If you're interested in joining us, please reserve your spot by Monday, Oct. 22.

To reserve your spot, please contact us at (206) 467-SAKE or [email protected]

We hope you can join us!

Sakétoberfest: Oct. 27, 28 & 31
Join us as brewers from Japan pour their own saké!

Saké Nomi is honored to be hosting visits by brewers of some of our most popular saké brands during the weekend of Oct. 27-28, and on Halloween, Oct. 31. Participating breweries/brands are:

Oct. 27 (Sat.): Shichiken (Yamanashi prefecture)
Time: 2- 6 p.m.
With brief presentation regarding the brewing process beginning around 4 p.m.

Oct. 28 (Sun.): Fukuju (Hyogo prefecture)
Time: 2- 6 p.m.
Though Fukuju is not currently available in the U.S., this is an exclusive "sneak preview" event, at which 3 saké soon to be available at Saké Nomi will be poured.

Oct. 31 (Wed.): Hatsumago (Yamagata), Kurosawa (Nagano), and Yaegaki (Hyogo).
Time: 4:30- 7 p.m.
Yes, it's Halloween, but no, there's nothing to be scared of! Please join us as the brewers of some of our most popular and delicious saké selections pour some special "treats." For more generous pours, costumes are encouraged, but not required . . .

(Note: All events are "open house" style, and completely free of charge.)

New Saké Arrivals:
Nanbu Bijin Daiginjo
Shichi Hon Yari Junmai Ginjo

Prestigious and award-winning saké available in Washington for the first time ever!

We are incredibly excited to add the following saké selections to Saké Nomi's shelves:

Brewery: Shata (est. 1823)
Region: Ishikawa
SMV: +3
Type/Polish Ratio: Junmai (Yamahai)/60%
Tasting Notes: Dark gold/amber tint, and earthy, brown sugar nose. Soft mouthfeel, with funky, tangy sweetness on top and bitterness around the edges. Yamahai acidity and astringency mellow and round at room temperature.
Additional Note: Named after legend of long-nosed Tengu goblin dancing late at night to the sound of drums in a dense forest near the brewery. Johnnie first encountered this saké on a business trip to Japan a few years back, and has been "in search of" ever since. Tengumai is Saké Nomi's first saké from Ishikawa prefecture.

Brewery: Nanbu Bijin (est. 1915)
Region: Iwate
SMV: +5
Type/Polish Ratio: Daiginjo/40%
Tasting Notes: Thin golden tint. Nose shows tropical fruit (mango, papaya), and fruity sweetness on the palate is complimented with tangy notes of sweet ginger. Soft, balanced, and exquisite.
Additional Note: Trophy winner at the 2007 International Saké Challenge, and brewed in Johnnie's Japanese home region!

Brewery: Tomita (est. 1540s)
Region: Shiga
SMV: +5
Type/Polish Ratio: Junmai Ginjo/50%
Tasting Notes: Light and refined, with strong strawberry aroma and lots of fruity sweetness. This delicate and delicious junmai ginjo has been milled to daiginjo level (50%).
Additional Note: Named after famous seven spearmen in 1583 battle of Shizugatake. Tomita brewery is one of the oldest and smallest in Japan.

Roll Your Own Sushi: Nov. 8 @ Kappo
Our First Ever "Fun With Fish Fest!"

We've heard your cries for sushi at Saké Nomi, and we've finally figured out a fun way to give you what you want -- we're gonna let you roll your own!

Please join us on Thursday, November 8 @ 8 p.m., as we conduct the first ever Saké Nomi Roll Your Own Sushi Extravaganza at Kappo, the recently opened 2nd floor restaurant of Chiso in Fremont (

You will be in the trustworthy hands of the Two Tais, Owner/chef Taichi Kitamura and the lovely and talented Taiko Stroud. Taichi and Taiko will show you how to roll a variety of sushi (California, Spicy Tuna, "Seattle," and Veggie rolls) and perhaps manage to eat more of it than you wear.

The fee for this special event is $60/person (plus tax & gratuity), and includes all sushi, 3 varieties of premium saké, and your very own Saké Nomi kikijoko (traditional tasting cup) you can keep to commemorate what promises to be a fun evening.

The evening's saké selections will be available for purchase at Saké Nomi, and we will be taking orders at the event.

Space is extremely limited for this event (max. 20 persons), and it will sell out! If you'd like to join us, please pre-pay (by cash, Visa, Mastercard, or Amex) by stopping in at the shop, or contact us via phone/e-mail and reserve your spot by Oct. 25.


Saké Dinner @ Chez Shea: Nov. 18 (Sun.)
Saké and French fusion? You're gonna love it!

We recently had the good fortune to share a meal at Chez Shea ( with owners Koichiro and Tomoyo Ikawa, during which we discussed the possibility of pairing our favorite rice-based brew with their fantastic French-influenced food.

As a result, a five-course, five saké dinner event has been planned for Sunday, November 18. We're in the process of finalizing the courses and saké, so please save the date, and stay tuned for details.

2007 Saké Nomi Invitational Charity Golf Classic
And our champion is: Terri Yoshimura!

Perhaps it was a bit ambitious (and foolhardy) to attempt a charity golf event just 3 months after opening our doors for business, but Johnnie needed an excuse to get together with some nomidachi on the weekend, and we figured we could raise some money for a good cause.

Participants traveled from as far away as southern Utah (Johnnie's dad) and the San Francisco Bay area (Jim Mirande -- to whom Johnnie is forever indebted for introducing him to Taiko) to take part in what promised to be good, clean, WET fun on Sept. 30 at Foster Golf Links.

No, the weather did not cooperate. "Showers" is an accurate description, because just stepping outdoors felt like taking a shower with your clothes on. Relentless showers, in fact.

Still, 2 participants braved the elements, while the rest of the crew cheered them on from the cozy confines of the bar.

Ms. Terri Yoshimura and Mr. Colin Hansen, both representing Magnolia Saké & Social Club, teed off over 9 holes to determine our 1st champion. After expertly negotiating a generous handicap, Terri applied the pressure to Colin, and he gallantly rose to the occaison, managing to make things all square at the conclusion of regulation.

A sudden death playoff format was quickly adopted, and Colin managed to stretch the match to twelve holes before finally succumbing to the superior short game of Terri.

So, ladies and gentlemen, your 2007 Saké Nomi Charity Invitational Golf Classic champion is Terri Yoshimura! The official result is still being challenged, because it appears Colin-san did not drink the required quantity of saké during the round.

In the pursuit of saké-fuelled fun, we managed to raise $470 for Children's Hospital, so we are modestly considering this first outing a success. A giant thanks goes out to all the "participants," and to Tai-chan for creating such a lovely trophy. It will be permanently on display behind the bar, so please stop by to admire it.

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