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Saké Happenings:

>Seattle's First Ever Daiginjo Saké Tasting: Dec. 7- 9
>Seminar: Same Saké, Different Vessels: Sat. Dec. 15

>Saké Nomi Open Christmas Eve & New Year's Eve
>Food @ Saké Nomi: What's the Deal?
>Saké Nomi's 2007 Top 10
>Saké Nomi in the News: East West Magazine

Dear Nomidachi:

Greetings from Saké Nomi!

We hope you all had a relaxing and enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday. I'm thankful we had plenty of delicious saké to accompany our bountiful spread and to share with our gracious hosts and friends!

Thanks, too, to all of you who were able to join us for some of our November events: The Rolling Stones (aka niku jaga) Potatopalooza, Roll Your Own Sushi Night at Kappo, and the scrumptious Saké Dinner at Chez Shea.

December promises to be another lively month at Saké Nomi. Featured happenings include Seattle's first daiginjo saké tasting (Dec. 7- 9), and our newest seminar, "Same Saké, Different Vessels" (Sat., Dec. 15). The new kansuke, (or saké warmer), is fired up and prepared to help you take the seasonal chill off, as well.

We're also in the process of finalizing plans for a saké-of-the-month club, a "movie night" ("Saké Cinema," perhaps?), and a regularly scheduled "sushi night" (yeah, yeah, yeah -- enough with the begging already!).

If it feels like we're making up all this stuff as we go along, it's because we are! We appreciate your patience and support as we continue this pioneering saké adventure, and we hope to see you in the shop again soon.

All our best wishes to you and yours for a happy holiday season, and Kanpai!


Johnnie & Taiko


Daiginjo Sake Tasting: Dec. 7- 9
Because we think you deserve it!

We are pleased to announce that Saké Nomi will be hosting Seattle's first daiginjo or "ultra premium" Japanese sake tasting Friday, December 7 thru Sunday, December 9. (Hours: Fri. & Sat.: Noon - 8 p.m., Sun.: Noon - 7 p.m. -- while quantities last!)

Premium saké is graded according to how finely the rice used to brew the saké has been milled. In the production of premium saké, brewers mill specially bred sake rice to eliminate fats and proteins from the outer portions of the grain that can cause "off " flavors in lower grades of saké. Daiginjo saké, considered the pinnacle of the saké brewer's craft, is brewed using rice that has been milled to 50% or less of the original grain size.

All the daiginjo saké featured on the menu for this 3-day event are hand-crafted, produced in small batches, and imported from Japan in very limited quantities. One of the selections, Yamawatari ("Mountain Crossing"), is brewed by Japan's oldest saké brewery, Sudo Honke, which was founded in 1141.

Admission to the event is free, and the 2-ounce glass pour prices for this daiginjo tasting range from $10 to $20.

Orders for bottles of these rare saké can be placed at the event and will be available for pick-up at Saké Nomi in time for the year-end holidays.

If you've never had a chance to try one of these luxurious brews, you're in for a treat! We hope you can join us for this special event.


Same Saké, Different Vessels: Sat., Dec. 15
It does make a difference!

A frequent question we field at the shop is,"What should I be drinking my saké out of?"

While the short answer is, "Anything that will hold your desired amount of the divine beverage," another truth is that your choice of glass/ceramic ware will have a noticeable influence on how you taste and appreciate any given saké.

To further explore this concept, we will be hosting a "Same Saké, Different Vessels" seminar on Sat., Dec. 15 @ 7 p.m. During the tasting, we will be comparing tasting experiences with 3 different saké utilizing a kikijoko (traditional "snake eye" tasting cup), a Riedel "O" saké glass, a hand-crafted ceramic saké cup (by Akiko Graham of Akiko's Pottery;, and a cedar masu (you know, that wooden box!).

Cost for the session is $70/person, and includes all saké and food, as well as the Riedel "O" glass, the ceramic cup from Akiko's Pottery, and the Saké Nomi masu -- all of which you get to keep!

Space for this first ever event is extremely limited, so if you are interested in joining us for what promises to be a palate-expanding experience, please RSVP by e-mail or phone ([email protected]/206-467-SAKE) by Monday, Dec. 10.

Saké Nomi Open Christmas Eve & New Year's Eve
Who said we don't like Mondays?

'Just a quick reminder to let you know we WILL be open on two Mondays in December: Christmas Eve (12/24) and New Year's Eve (12/31).

Our hours of operation on those two days will be Noon- 7 p.m., so if you have any last minute saké shopping to do, or just want to partake in a cup of holiday cheer, please stop in!

Food @ Saké Nomi: What's the Deal?

Saké Nomi is the first premium saké shop AND tasting bar in the U.S.

Let's break that statement down, shall we?

Saké Nomi means "saké only." First and foremost, we are a bottle shop that deals exclusively in premium saké (aka "the good stuff").

Saké Nomi also happens to be the only saké specialty store in the country where you can actually drink some saké! When planning our shop, this idea was crucial. We wanted to create an atmosphere in which customers could try some saké before purchasing a bottle, and we also wanted to make a space where like-minded "sake enthusiasts" could hang out and enjoy some saké exploration via our rotating glass pour menu and special tasting events.

Don't get us wrong: we love food, and we particularly enjoy discovering new saké and food pairings. In fact, another "mission" of ours is to open people's eyes regarding saké's versatility with a wide range of food, and we are excited to be doing this during special events where we cater food into our space, as well as at events we've held at Seattle area restaurants.

We know some people get the munchies when they're drinking (alcohol definitely stimulates one's appetite), and we continue to offer complimentary snacks with the glass pours. We also encourage people to bring in their own tasty treats (a couple Sundays back, we had some pizza and Seahawks football going on), and we can suggest saké pairings from the weekly menu. Try taking some food in to other area saké merchants, like your neighborhood wine shop or the warm, brightly lit aisle of your local grocery store!

It feels like many people are having a hard time understanding what we are all about -- they don't "get" why we don't serve food at our shop.

The only explanation we can offer is that Saké Nomi is NOT an izakaya (though we wish someone else would open an authentic one in Seattle!), and we are NOT a restaurant.

We're trying to keep things simple and casual and cozy and fun, but without straying into the food serving business. We realize that our approach to saké education and promotion is new, and it might take some getting used to, but we are staying true to Saké Nomi's tagline: "a premium saké shop and tasting bar."

Thanks for understanding and, don't forget, if you do bring something delicious to go with your saké, make sure to feed the bartender!


Saké Nomi's 2007 Top 10
A quick listing of our most popular brews

It's that time of year where everyone is releasing his or her "best of 2007" lists.

Though we've only been open a little over 5 months, we don't want to be left out, so the following is our list of Saké Nomi's most popular brands (so far), in terms of number of bottles sold.

   1. Suigei "Drunken Whale" Tokubetsu Junmai
   2. Taiheikai "Pacific Ocean" Tokubetsu Junmai
   3. HouHouShu Sparkling Nigori
   4. Yukikage "Snow Shadow" Tokubetsu Junmai
   5. (tie) Hakutsuru Sayuri Junmai Nigori
       Kikusui "Chrysanthemum Water" Junmai Ginjo
       Urakasumi "Misty Bay" Junmai
       Tozai Yuki Hime "Snow Maiden" Junmai Nigori
   6. Hakutsuru Superior Junmai Ginjo
   7. Kurosawa "Black Creek" Junmai (Kimoto)
   8. Hitorimusume Sayaka "Only Daughter" Junmai
   9. Dassai "Otter Festival" Junmai Ginjo Nigori
 10. Kikusakari Kurashizuku Sparkling Junmai Ginjo Nigori

As we add more brands to our selection (and January promises a new saké explosion!), it'll be interesting to see how this list changes. All we can say for now is that our nomidachi are showing a spectacular sense of taste, as all the above saké are quite delicious and highly recommended!


Saké Nomi in the News: East West Magazine

We're excited to announce that Saké Nomi is briefly mentioned in the current issue of East West magazine.

In an article titled, "Sake 101," the author goes over some saké basics and trends in the U.S. saké market.

The link to the online version of the magazine article is below. Saké Nomi is mentioned in paragraph nos. 5 and 15. If you have a moment, please take a look.

>East West Magazine: Sake 101

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