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December 2015

December 30
Konnichi wa, Nomidachi!Sake Nomi Display Sign 

We hope everyone is enjoying the year-end holiday season.  It's hard to believe we'll soon be turning the page on 2015, but we're looking forward to all the blessings, developments, and challenges 2016 has in store.

Due to the New Year's holiday, this week's schedule looks like this:  

Today, Dec. 30: 2- 10 pm
Thurs., Dec. 31: Noon- 6 pm
Fri., January 1: CLOSED
Sat., Jan. 2: 2-10 pm
Sun., Jan. 3: CLOSED 

Celebrating the New Year with sake is something we started doing long before we got into "the business," and we hope you'll join us in raising a few glasses of the good stuff with family and friends.  There's really no better way to put a cap on 2015 and to welcome in 2016.

Thanks very much for your support and kindness during the past year.  This here is a pretty direct translation of the Japanese expression, but we also "humbly ask that you will be favorably disposed toward us in the year ahead."   
Arigato & Kanpai!
Johnnie & Taiko
December 23
Hey There, Hi There, Ho, Ho, Ho There, Nomidachi!Sake Nomi Display Sign    

We just wanted to send out a quick note regarding this week's "Holidaze" hours of operations.  To wit:

Today, Dec. 23: 2- 10 pm
Thurs., Dec. 24: Noon- 6 pm
Fri.- Mon., Dec. 25-28: CLOSED

We realize everyone is super busy at this time of year, but we hope you'll have time to stop by and raise a glass (or two) of good cheer with us.

Logo tees We've also got lots of great last-minute (yet very thoughtful and tasteful, mind you) gift ideas, including all the Saké Nomi original t-shirt designs (3 styles -- collect them all, and don't forget to ask about the 2-3 tee discount!).

We hope you enjoy a wonderful, safe, and laughter-filled holiday season with your favorite folks.
Arigato & Kanpai!
Johnnie & Taiko
December 11
Hey There, Nomidachi!Sake Nomi Display Sign    
This is just a quick note to let you know about some of the special sake we're featuring this weekend (Friday & Saturday only -- we'll be CLOSED on Sunday, Dec. 13).

 Just in time for your consideration as great gifts, or as tasty treats to share with friends and family during the holidays, they include:

Isojiman JG Isojiman Junmai Ginjo (Shizuoka)
One of Johnnie's "desert island" sakes.  Dark straw/hay coloring, featuring aromas of apple, grape, and a bit of dates.  Super full, plump mouthfeel is nicely contrasted with absolutely perfect acidity.  $62/720 ml bottle; $18/4 oz. glass (limited availability)

Joto Junmai Ginjo (Ibaraki) 
Aromas of candied fruit in the nose. Light, lively, sharp, and acidic on the palate. Pasteurized just once, it retains a nama
-esque character that makes you take notice, as does the festive label.  $36/720 ml bottle; $12/4 oz. glass

Shichi Hon Yari Hiyaoroshi
Brand new to the U.S., and Saké Nomi's first seasonal release from Shichi Hon Yari ("Seven Spearsmen"). Notes of salt, butter, and unsweetened dark chocolate in the nose. Tending toward earthiness, with a faint bitterness in the tail.  $45/720 ml bottle; $12/4 oz. glass

Shimeharitsuru Jun Shimeharitsuru "Jun" Junmai Ginjo (Niigata)
Soft, rich, and round. Mild honeysuckle aroma with a hint of tropical fruit. A very rare and highly sought after junmai ginjo in Japan, consistently ranked as one of the most popular sake in pubs throughout Japan.  Great price reduction on this prestigious sake, too. 
$40/720 ml bottle (originally $60!!); $10/4 oz. glass

Kubota Ginjo Genshu (Niigata)
Very faint golden tint with notes of Asian pear and cream in the nose. Soft, moderately full mouthfeel, with sweetness and roundness in the beginning palate, giving way to a drier, lingering genshu tingle in the finish.
  Newly introduced to the U.S., the price of this fantastic brew has also recently been reduced.  $40/720 ml bottle (was $45)

Kikusui no Karakuchi (Niigata)
Newly available in a convenient (and cute?) 180 ml can!  Light golden tint with a super soft, smooth mouthfeel. Faint note of orange zest in the aroma and flavor. An underlying tartness and astringency is also present in this clean easy drinker. Developed in 1978 by the folks who brought you the "pocket rocket" Funaguchi series of unpasteurized saké in a can.  $9/180 oz. can

We hope you'll have a chance to stop by and join us for a taste.

Arigatou & Kanpai!
Johnnie & Taiko  
December 4
Greetings, Nomidachi!Sake Nomi Display Sign    

To misquote LL Cool J a bit, "Don't call it a comeback/ We've been here for years!"

We're pleased to announce that we reopened for business on Dec. 1, and we're excited to introduce some terrific new and rare sake this weekend.

In addition to one of our "desert island" sake, the lovely Isojiman Junmai Ginjo (pretty rare, too -- we only see a few cases a year), we're also rolling out the first seasonal hiyaoroshi (autumn release, once pasteurized) from Shichi Hon Yari/"Seven Spearsmen," as well as the newest selection from New York-based importer Joto Sake, which is a deliciously juicy junmai ginjo produced by the good folks at Ibraraki prefecture's Fuchu Homare Brewing Co. (brewer's of Saké Nomi favorites Wataribune "55" and Taiheikai/"Pacific Ocean")

The above mentioned selections will be available for purchase by the glass/flight/bottle, and though availability is somewhat limited we may be able to save you a bottle or two, if you get in touch with us right away.

At any rate, we're glad to be back, and we hope you'll have an opportunity to stop by Friday or Saturday for a taste and to catch up.

PLEASE NOTE:   We will be CLOSED this Sunday, December 6, as Johnnie tries to ease his way back in to the swing of things and could use the day of rest.

Arigatou & Kanpai!
Johnnie & Taiko

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