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March 2015

March 27
Hey There, Hi There, Ho There, Nomidachi!Sake Nomi Display Sign

We are excited to introduce some new, very versatile sake selections this weekend -- beginning this afternoon at 2 pm.

This week's glass pour menu is particularly stellar (some rare and personal favorites are featured), but we are also pleased to be featuring Ishikawa prefecture's Kagatobi Chokarakuchi (that's "Super Dry" in a whole lot more syllables) and Denemon Junmai from Niigata.

While both of these selections are superb when enjoyed slightly chilled, wait and watch what happens when the sun goes down, the temperature cools, and we gently warm these babies up.  Simply sublime.

For a crash course in the wonders of "Same Sake, Different Temperature," we hope you'll have a chance to join us for a taste or two this weekend.

Arigatou & Kanpai!
Johnnie and Taiko

March 11
Hey There, Nomidachi!Sake Nomi Display Sign

We mentioned it in a previous missive, but 2015 looks to be a very big year, as far as us being able to introduce some new-to-Washington sake.  

The "Spring release" seasonal namazake should be arriving soon, and we feel like we're starting to hit our stride, regarding our mission to curate the best overall premium sake selection possible.

On this week's menu, we re-introduce some personal favorites, lest they be undeservedly forgotten during the pursuit of some current "crushes."

We hope you'll have a chance to stop by soon to (re-)acquaint yourself with:

Kaiun "Better Fortune" Junmai Ginjo
One of the ultimate "celebration sake," Kaiun has been temporarily unavailable to us the past few months, but we're glad to have it back now.  It was a little heartbreaking not being able to drink it on New Year's Eve (a bit of a family tradition, since the kanji for Kaiun means "increasing good luck" or "better fortune").

However, it's arrived just in time for "March Madness" and St. Patrick's Day.  "What's this sake got to do with St. Patrick's?" you might ask.  Well, for one thing, it's GREEN.  Because it's unfiltered (as in not charcoal filtered), Kaiun has a distinct greenish tint to it.

Born Muroka Namagenshu Born Muroka Nama Genshu
In what we hope is a continuing trend, our distributor has once again lowered the price on this amazing brew, allowing us to offer it to you for $70/720 ml (down from $90, just a couple years ago!).

Our notes:

"Fragrant, fruity, lively, and rich with notes of cinnamon and figs. A Japanese vocabulary lesson of a junmai daiginjo, with a serious case of the "un"s: unfiltered (muroka), unpasteurized (nama), and undiluted (genshu).  We think it is one of the best, if not the best, Japanese sak� currently available in Washington."


We're hoping that the current price will hold throughout the summer, but there's no guarantee, so buy soon and buy frequently! 

As if you needed any incentive, we will further discount the price 5% on orders of 3-5 bottles, and 10% for orders of 6 or more bottles.  (NOTE: Order by 6 pm Thursday, 3/12 for Friday 3/13 availability.)


Oze no Yukidoke Junmai Ginjo "Omachi"

The star of last weekend's Omachi rice-themed tasting, we quickly sold through the distributor's stock, but we're receiving another batch this weekend and will be selling it by the glass and by the bottle Friday- Sunday.


As we mentioned in last week's note, it is rosy gold in the glass, and while it shows cantaloupe notes in the nose, it's semi-dry and somewhat herbaceous, with a mild sweetness and slight warmth in the finish.  The overall impression is clean and refined, but with substantial presence.  ($40/720 ml bottle; $12/4 oz. glass)




Sak� Nomi Cinema: Hanzo the Razor: The Snare

Thursday, 3/12 @ 8:30 pm


There's a reason we'll be pulling the shades down on the shop windows this Thursday around 8:30 pm.  It's not that we'll be closing early, rather, in accordance with a very special request, we'll be screening something for a discerning, very mature audience.


Hanzo the Razor: The Snare is the second (don't worry if you missed the first one -- you'll soon catch up) in a notorious series of samurai police detective cinematic marvels that we cannot begin to explain or defend.


All-knowing Wikipedia has this to say about the famed trilogy, and that's probably just about enough.  You really must see it to believe it.  And, drinking some sake will definitely help.


Arigatou & Kanpai!
Johnnie and Taiko

March 6
Konnichi wa, Nomidachi!Sake Nomi Display Sign

2015 looks to be The Year of New Sake, and as such, we're conducting a special tasting this weekend to introduce one we think is pretty terrific.   
Omachi Sake Tasting
Friday, March 6 @ 5- 8 pm
Saturday, March 7 @ 2-5
Sunday, March 8 from Noon (if there's anything left!) 

People frequently ask me (Johnnie -- I'll spare you the 3rd person silliness, for a second), "What's your favorite sake?"

It's a difficult question for me to answer in a straightforward manner, because lately I feel like I develop "crushes" on certain sake, and drink them like crazy for a little while before moving on to something else.  Eventually, I  rediscover something I fell in love with long ago, and since we only carry the good stuff, the cycle of enchantment never ends.     
The last year or so, I've developed a bit of a crush on Omachi sakamai ("sake rice"), and as a result, a few of my current crushes are delicious, beguiling brews that use that particular prestigious rice strain.

We hope you'll have a chance to stop by this weekend to try a few different saketorial (I just made that up) expressions of Omachi, including the brand-new-to-Washington Oze no Yukidoke Junmai Ginjo "Omachi,"from Gunma prefecture.  Rosy gold in the glass, and showing cantaloupe notes in the nose, it's semi-dry and somewhat herbaceous (I didn't make that one up), with a mild sweetness and slight warmth in the finish.  The overall impression is clean and refined, but with substantial presence.  ($40/720 ml bottle)

In addition to the Oze no Yukidoke, we'll also be featuring the rare Bizen Maboroshi (Sak� Nomi is the only place in Washington you can get it!) Dewazakura "Omachi" Junmai Ginjo (pictured above) from Yamagata prefecture, and Bizen Maboroshi Junmai Ginjo (at right) from Okayama prefecture.

All three selections will be available for purchase by the glass, flight, and bottle, while supplies last. 


Arigatou & Kanpai!
Johnnie and Taiko

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