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May 2015

May 19
Greetings, Nomidachi!Sake Nomi Display Sign    

Heading into the Memorial Day holiday weekend, we've got some great sake to unveil and some important guests to welcome to Seattle.

Here's a quick rundown of just a few of the things happening in the coming days.

Please note that we will be open during regular business hours this week (Tues.- Sat.: 2-10 pm, Sun.: Noon- 6 pm), so we'll just be closed on Monday in observance of Memorial Day.

We hope to see you and raise a glass soon.
Arigato & Kanpai!
Johnnie & Taiko  
May 19
"Meet the Brewer" Sake Tasting: May 21 (Thurs.)
Shichida Junmai (Saga prefecture)
Please join us this Thursday, May 21 @ 5:30- 8:30 pm, as we welcome Mr. Kensuke Shichida from Saga prefecture's Tenzan Brewing Company.

Shichida-san is an important figure in the Japanese sake brewing industry for his tireless efforts to promote premium Japanese sake throughout the world.

When Shichida-san visits Sak? Nomi, we'll be featuring his fantastic sake, Shichida Junmai.  

One of our favorite sake amongst the new sake arrivals in the past year or so, Shichida Junmai is a dark, greenish gold color in the glass. It has a fairly full mouthfeel, with mild apple sweetness and minerality on the palate, leading to a dry-ish finish. The stark green label is well-suited to the sak?'s overall impression of a no-nonsense sake with "some meat on its bones."  

It has been aged for about a year, and that no doubt contributes to its savoriness and depth of flavor.


We're also featuring this wonderful brew on this week's glass pour menu, so if you can't wait until Thursday, please drop in and try a glass at your convenience.


May 19
This Week's Menu 
Seasonal treats and new, rare favorites  

Keeping with our philosophy of "pour 'em while you've got 'em," we're continuing to feature the extremely limited production junmai ginjo nama genshu, Masumi Arabashiri.


Masumi Arabashiri is super fruity (melons & pears), and has a
pleasantly crisp acidity.  If you're looking to "convert" some wine drinking acquaintances to the wonderful world of premium sake, this one provides a tasty "gateway."


In addition to the Shichida Junmai mentioned above, we've also got the ever popular "Drunken Whale" and "Ice Dome" sakes, as well as the fantastic new taruzake (cedar barrel aged) from Choryo Brewing Co., Yoshinosugi no Taruzake available for your enjoyment by the glass or flight.


This week we are also introducing a new-to-Washington honjozo, Ura Gassanryu Koka ("Fragrant Flower").  Koka is a once pasteurized muroka, which means it has not been charcoal filtered, and as a result, it retains a noticeable golden tint in the glass.  It's mildly sweet, super clean, and very balanced on the palate from start to finish.  Comfortable, easy-drinking, and yes, very "sessionable."


Honjozo is an often misunderstood and under-appreciated grade of premium sake, and we don't have access to very many of them in the U.S., so please don't miss your chance to enjoy this delightful one.

May 12
Konnichi wa, Nomidachi!Sake Nomi Display Sign    

It's been a bit of a whirlwind with all the great new sake arrivals and special guest visits, and we continue with both during the next couple weeks.

Below is a quick description of sake and events we think you won't want to miss, and we hope to see you again at the shop soon!
Arigato & Kanpai!
Johnnie & Taiko  
May 12
"Meet the Brewer" Sake Tasting: May 14 @ 5-7 pm
Fukuju Junmai Ginjo (Hyogo)
It's always a great thrill for us to be able to welcome sake brewers from Japan and introduce them to the nascent sake drinking scene in Seattle.

This Thursday, May 14, in conjunction with the Hyogo Business & Cultural Center, we're very pleased to welcome Mr. Takenosuke Yasufuku of Kobe Shu Shin Kan, brewers of the Fukuju line of premium sake.

2015 Yasufuku-san is the 13th generation kuramoto (brewery head), and we look forward to tasting his sake and hearing his insights on the sake brewing industry.

As a promotional gift, with every glass purchase of Fukuju Junmai Ginjo ($14), you get to keep the engraved wooden masu "cup."

We hope you'll join us in welcoming Yasufuku-san to Seattle.

(NOTE: Next up in the "Meet the Brewer" series of events is Mr. Kensuke Shichida from Saga prefecture's Tenzan Brewery, next Thursday, May 21.)

May 12
"Seasonal" Sake Arrival: Masumi Arabashiri 
Finally!  While limited supplies last!!   

Without a doubt, our most popular "seasonal" namazake, Arabashiri means "first/rough run," and is the first bit of free-run sake that comes out of the old fashioned fune press (the one that looks like a big tub, and into which the fermented mash is placed in cloth bags).  Since no pressure is applied to the sake, it can be extremely vibrant and somewhat brash, and it is just about as fresh as it gets.


Masumi Arabashiri is super fruity (melons & pears), and has a Masumi Arabashiri pleasantly crisp acidity.  In addition to being a junmai ginjo nama, it's also a genshu (undiluted), so at 17-18% alcohol, it packs a lovingly assertive punch.


We've been impatiently waiting for this sake to arrive, and the recent west coast port slowdown is the most frequently cited reason we're seeing it about a month later than usual years.  According to the brewer, this limited production (65K bottles produced, just 7200 exported) seasonal treat is drinking a touch fuller and sweeter as a result of the extra month it spent "ageing" in its refrigerated container.


We're pouring Arabashiri by the glass on this week's menu, and we'll have a limited quantity of bottles to sell, so if you're interested, get thee to Saké Nomi, baby!


Price: $50/720 ml bottle (10% for "case" orders of 6 or more bottles)

Order by: Noon Thursday, 5/14 for Friday, 5/15 delivery.

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