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April 2016

April 20

Greetings, Nomidachi!

'Just another quick note to let you know about some events and changes taking place at the shop.


Johnnie's finally feeling up to it, and we hope you are, too!  If you're out and about this Sunday, please stop by and say "Hi," treat yourself to a taste, or grab a bottle to enjoy at home.

Saké Nomi Cinema & Sake Tasting:  The Birth of Saké & Tedorigawa Saké
Saturday, April 23 @ 7 pm
Fresh off the international festival film circuit, director Erik Shirai's beautifully photographed film, The Birth of Saké, is an intimate look at some of the human dynamics involved in the physically and emotionally demanding premium sake brewing process.

During this event, we will be serving a couple varieties of Tedorigawa brand sake from the brewery featured in the film, Yoshida Brewery in Ishikawa prefecture.

Admission, of course, is FREE, and Tedorigawa sake (as well as the excellent selections from our "regular" weekly menu) will be available for purchase by the glass, flight, and bottle throughout the evening.

Saké from Earthquake-Stricken Kumamoto:  Zuiyo
While we don't see that much sake imported from Kyushu, in general, and Kumamoto prefecture, in particular, some of our favorites are from that southern island.

Unfortunately, Kumamoto prefecture has recently been absolutely rocked by a couple large-scale earthquakes and the continuing aftershocks -- not to mention ensuing typhoon rains.

The Zuiyo brewery has suffered extensive damage and their staff is immersed in the arduous clean-up process.  To honor their perseverance and expose more sake drinkers to their excellent brews, we'll be featuring their very economically priced ($30/720 ml; $15/300 ml) junmai "Lucky Hawk" throughout the weekend.

The name "Lucky Hawk" comes from a story about a hawk landing in the brewery on New Year's Day -- a sign of good luck that we hope will once again manifest itself and help these folks get through these very challenging circumstances.

Thanks very much for reading.  We hope to greet you again at Saké Nomi soon.

Johnnie & Taiko
April 6

Konnichi wa, Nomidachi!

Here in Seattle, it feels like spring has finally sprung, and with the sunny days and blossoming trees, there's a feeling of rejuvenation and anticipation, and even hope (c'mon Mariners!).

Spring is also the time of year we begin seeing the super popular "seasonal release" unpasteurized namazake.  We're currently featuring an intriguingly delicious one, and we've got more on the way in the coming weeks.

We also mention below some of our favorites that are now available on a limited basis or in a new economical and aesthetically pleasing format.  There's nothing like opening your fridge and seeing a big, beautiful 1.8-liter bottle beckoning you!

On a personal note, Johnnie's post-surgery recovery continues to progress well, and your support has been invaluable and sincerely appreciated.

As ever, thanks very much for your friendship and patronage, and we hope you'll have a chance to stop by the shop soon so we can catch up.

Johnnie & Taiko
April 6
Special/Favorite Saké Available This Week

Seasonal Release:  Kagatobi Muroka Nama (Ishikawa)

Very Limited Seasonal Release!  Shiny gold in the glass, and the nose has notes of candied fruit and a hint of earthiness.  It tastes intriguingly dry AND rich, even a bit spicy.  It packs a genshu-esque (undiluted) punch at 18% ABV, but with a very soft, gentle mouthfeel.  The combination of rich AND dry is what I find perhaps most unusual and satisfying about this great brew.
 Price:  $45/720 ml bottle


Isojiman Junmai Ginjo (Shizuoka)
On our "wish list" for a long time, Isojiman Junmai Ginjo was introduced to Washington state a few years ago by yours truly.  I knew it by reputation, but what I didn't know was that Isojiman's popularity in Japan skyrocketed after their sake was chosen to be served at the 2008 G-7 Summit.  It's hard to come by, and as such we only see a couple cases of it each year reach our shores.  Availability, however, seems to be improving, and this is the second batch of this wonderful brew that has reached us this year.

I had the pleasure of drinking a bottle a few weeks ago, and it confirmed everything I thought:  This sake is damn near perfect and definitely one of my "desert island" favorites.

Isojiman Junmai Ginjo is a dark straw/hay colored sake, and it features aromas of apple, grape, and a bit of dates.  Its super full, plump mouthfeel is nicely contrasted with absolutely perfect acidity.  Drinking somewhat fruitier than what its +5 SMV would lead you to believe, this sake is very well suited to wine drinkers who may not yet have been exposed to premium sake.
Price: $65/720 ml bottle

Jokigen “Euphoria” 
Junmai Ginjo (Yamagata)
Spicy aromas of white peach, lavender, and strawberry.  Soft texture, with pleasantly sharp acidic notes.  The astringency (think young, tart strawberry) ties everything together and strikes a nice balance with the acidity.  Johnnie translated Jokigen as “high quality buzz.”

One of my under-the-radar favorites, I think Jokigen is completely unique and quite unlike any other sake we carry.
Price: $70/1.8L bottle (NEW SIZE!)                         


Dassai “Otter Festival: 50” Junmai Daiginjo (Yamaguchi)
Golden coloring, with jasmine, muscat grape, and sea salt fragrances.  Soft and light, with a surprisingly full mouthfeel.  The “50” in the name refers to the 50% milling rate of the rice used to brew this saké.

The Dassai brand is insanely popular in Japan right now, and they are one of the breweries leading the charge to export and introduce premium sake all over the world.   
$90/1.8L bottle (NEW SIZE!)

All these delicious selections will be delivered to us tomorrow, and we'll be glad to tack a couple bottles on to our orders, if you're interested in reserving a bottle or two.  To ensure availability, please give us a shout by 2 pm today.



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