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January 2016

January 28
New Sake Arrival & Tasting 
Takizawa Junmai Ginjo & Takizawa Junmai 
We anticipate adding a lot of new-to-Washington brews in 2016, and we're pleased to announce that our first couple selections (arriving today, and featured thru Saturday!) are Takizawa Junmai Ginjo and Takizawa Junmai, brewed by Shinshu Meijo Brewery in Nagano Prefecture.

  The classy black label bottle on the left is the Junmai Ginjo.  With notes of candy and white pepper and cinnamon in the nose, it's mildly sweet and super soft on the palate.  My notes quote Taiko as saying, "Gorgeous!" but since we were near the bottom of the bottle at that point, I can't tell if she was referring to the sake or yours truly.  (Wishful thinking, I know, but a guy can dream . . .)

The red label Junmai shows fragrances of brown sugar and apple in the nose.  On the palate, it's soft and pleasantly round with a dry finish showing a touch of green apple tartness.  The Junmai exhibits exceptional balance, making it comfortable, casual, approachable, and eminently "sessionable."

Both of these Takizawa selections are terrific bargains, and we hope you'll stop by for a taste.  In this initial allotment, we have a limited number of bottles to sell, but we'll also be pouring them by the glass/flight at:

Thursday, Jan. 28: 5- 10 pm (featured as part of our "Sake & Civics/Polished Rice & Politics" screening of the debate)

Friday, Jan. 29: 2- 10 pm

Saturday, Jan. 30: 2- 6 pm

As always, thanks very much, and we hope to see you soon!

Arigato & Kanpai!
Johnnie & Taiko
January 22
Greetings, Nomidachi!Sake Nomi Display Sign    

Just a quick note to mention an exciting new arrival and to update you on our current (and temporary, we promise!) revised hours of operation.

We hope you'll stop in for a taste soon. 
Arigato & Kanpai!
Johnnie & Taiko  
January 22
New Japanese Craft Beer Arrival 
Baird Beer's Wabi-Sabi Japanese Ale 
A few years back, when we decided to deviate a touch from our "sake only" philosophy and offer some beer, we committed to focusing on high-quality Japanese beers that might not be that easy to find and drink anywhere else in Seattle.  We also wanted to concentrate on microbrews, and the development of that market in Japan over the last few years has been very exciting. 

Since we heard about its existence, it's been a goal of ours to get our hands on some of the heralded brews from Baird Brewing in Shizuoka. 

This Friday (from 5 pm) and Saturday (all day), we are pleased to introduce Baird's Wabi-Sabi Japanese Ale.  Brewed with locally cultivated wasabi and green tea, it's bold, yet refined, and refreshingly delicious.

We hope you'll join us to experience this uniquely satisfying brew. 
January 22
Temporary Hours 
For just another month or so 

As Johnnie continues to recuperate from his surgery, we've found it beneficial to his physical (and mental) health to cut back to a 5-day work week.  Being open for business 6 days a week for eight-and-a-half years has been a bit of a grind at times, and the last few two-day weekends have been restful.  Except, of course, for the Seahawk games . . .
An yway, we've decided to remain CLOSED on Sunday and Monday thru February, by which time Johnnie hopes to be closer to his genshu-esque full strength.

We apologize for Sunday shopping/drinking inconveniences, but we promise we'll be back to business as usual (or better!) in no time.

As always, thanks so much for your support and understanding!  
January 7
Greetings, Nomidachi!Sake Nomi Display Sign    

And, Happy (belated) New Year!

Thanks so much for your support during the terrific, and somewhat tumultuous year past.

We're optimistic that 2016 will be an important and busy year for Saké Nomi, and we're very thankful to have you along for the ride.

Thanks again, and we wish you and your loved ones good health and great happiness in the Year of the Monkey!
Arigato & Kanpai!
Johnnie & Taiko  
January 7
"Best of 2015"
The most delicious listicle
In case you're curious what your Seattle-based sake-loving nomidachi drank in 2015, here's a quick list of what turned out to be our best-sellers:

1) Masumi Arabashiri (spring release seasonal namazake) Masumi Arabashiri

2) Yuri Masamune (200 ml cup)

3) Kikusui Shinmai Shinshu (seasonal release green "pocket rocket" -- still available, by the way . . .)

4) Seikyo Namazake (spring release seasonal namazake)

5) Denshin "Haru" (spring release seasonal namazake -- are you sensing a theme here?)

6) Dewazakura "Omachi" Junmai Ginjo

7) Choryo Taruzake (cedar barrel-aged sake featured this weekend -- see below, bottle at left)

8) Kibo "Hope" Junmai (180 ml can)

9) Kubota Ginjo Genshu

10) Kaiun "Better Fortune" Junmai Ginjo

As in years past, this is the place where I comment upon your very cultured good taste, for a westerner, Mr. Bond.
January 7
This Weekend's Featured "Guests"
Taruzake and Limited Seasonal Release Hiyaoroshi
Choryo Taruzake
As mentioned above, this delicious cedar barrel-aged taruzake quickly became one of our most popular selections after its arrival to Washington last year.  Since taruzake has some nostalgic, celebratory connotations, we felt this one would be an appropriate one with which to kick off the New Year.

The sake features a pronounced golden hue, with deep, rich wood aromas and a hint of chocolate in the nose. (NOTE: Like most taruzake, I feel like the aromas are more discernible at room temperature and a little warmer.)  Notes of maple and brown sugar sweetness on the palate.  Nice, full-bodied balance.  This is the first taruzake to have been bottled for commercial sale, back in 1964.

Shichi Hon Yari Hiyaoroshi
This sake is brand new to the U.S., and is Saké Nomi's first seasonal release from Shichi Hon Yari ("Seven Spearsmen").  The bad news was that it arrived when Johnnie was temporarily out of commission and the shop was closed due to his surgery.  The good news was that our incredibly thoughtful rep put some aside for our customers, so we'll be pouring and selling through the remaining Washington allocation this weekend.

This complex hiyaoroshi (once pasteurized) shows notes of salt, butter, and unsweetened dark chocolate in the nose.  The flavors on the palate tend toward earthiness, with a faint, yet alluring, bitterness in the tail.

PLEASE NOTE: We will be featuring these 2 sake (along with our weekly menu selections) only Friday and Saturday, Jan. 8-9, as we will be CLOSED on Sunday, January 10.

We hope you'll have a chance to stop by and enjoy these rare, lovely brews, but if you can't and are interested in us setting aside a bottle or two for you, please give us a shout!

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