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June 2016

June 28

Hey, Nomidachi!

Thank you so much to all of you who were able to stop by and help celebrate our recent 9th Anniversary.  Perhaps it was the adversity of last year, or maybe Johnnie's just getting soft(er) and mushy(er) in his old age, but this time around was very emotional for us.  It was also extremely gratifying to hear from folks who feel like Saké Nomi has become a significant element in their lives.

In short, we feel encouraged and loved, and even needed, so we've no choice but to forge ahead in Year No. 10.

As the Japanese humbly express, Yoroshiku onegaishimasu, or as my favorite translation would have it, "Please continue to be favorably disposed toward us."

This Week's Schedule
Since the Fourth of July falls on Monday this year, it's business as usual for us.  We may try to sneak out a little early on Sunday, July 3 (Noon- 6ish), but for the most part we'll be here for our "normal" hours of 2- 10 pm the rest of the week.

Limited Seasonal Release Arrivals
Just in time for the beginning of summer, these extremely rare, limited production namazake (unpasteurized sake) arrived yesterday afternoon, and we already blew thru the first case and a half. We have more arriving today, and we'll be pouring them 'til the bottles run dry.

Since availability is so limited (only a few cases in the Seattle market!!), the best way to ensure you get to enjoy these warm weather treats is to order a bottle (or 2 or 3).  

The tasting notes and pricing details are as follows:

Tsukasabotan "Senchu Hassaku Reika Nama" Junmai (Kochi)              

The "glacier saké," from a brewery established in 1603. Soft and light with mild fruit notes of lychee and melon. The overall impression is "clean and cool." Long, lingering finish begins dry, but has a burst of fruit at the end. The limited run of 1500 bottles was aged at -5° C.
Price: $50/720 ml bottle.

Oyama "Nama" Tokubetsu Junmai Nama(Yamagata)                             

Slight golden hue. Soft, round mouthfeel, with flavors of cinnamon and apples. Clean, soft, and mellow, with a touch of minerality. Oyama means, "big mountain," so enjoy the ascent! 
Price: $45/720 ml bottle. 

Please Note:  10% "case" discount for orders of 6 bottles or more

Thanks for reading.  We hope you have a happy, safe, and laughter-filled holiday, and we hope to see you at Saké Nomi again soon!

Johnnie & Taiko
June 21

Konnichi wa, Nomidachi!

It's hard to believe that the school year has come to a close, ballet has been completely recitaled, and summer is finally here.

Our family celebrates a number of summer birthdays in the next couple months and we are commemorating a  fairly significant one this weekend: Saké Nomi's 9th Anniversary!

As is our tendency, we're keeping it a pretty low-key affair (saving up the fireworks for next year's 10-year blowout?!), but we'll be very pleased if you have a chance to stop by and join us for a glass or two.

This Week's Menu
Though we can't really compete with the fast food joints, we think you'll find our 9th Anniversary "$9 Value Menu" intriguing.  Simple, too: all glass pour selections are priced at $9/glass.

"Exclusive" Sake Tasting: Friday, June 24 @ 5 pm
Though we strive to inclusive as regards all things premium sake-related, this Friday's tasting with Yuji Murai from Orcas Distributing is on the exclusive side.  Yuji will be presenting Matsu no Tsukasa Junmai Ginjo, a delicious and extremely rare (there's only a dozen bottles available in Washington right now) junmai ginjo from Shiga prefecture.

Also, in the continued spirit of celebration, we'll be pouring Kitsukura Taruzake, a cedar barrel-aged honjozo that was quite a hit a few years ago when it was served as a surprise treat at a party we hosted.

Extremely limited amounts of both selections will be available for purchase by the glass and by the bottle, so please come early and settle in for what promises to be a fun evening of sake discovery.

June 25 (Sat.): 9th Anniversary Open House @ 2- 6 pm
Saturday afternoon, we'll continue to feature our 9th Anniversary "$9 Value Menu," as well as a few "off menu" selections.  We hope you'll have a chance to stop by and help us celebrate our "birthday."

June 26 (Sun.): The Aftermath: Open 2- 6 pm
We anticipate getting a somewhat late start (for us) on Sunday, so we'll just set the hours of operation for 2- 6 pm, as a precaution.  We'll still have plenty of tasty sake on hand, so please drop in and help us liquidate at a leisurely pace.

Thanks very much for your terrific support throughout this grand adventure.  We hope to see you again at Saké Nomi soon.

Johnnie & Taiko
June 13

Greetings, Nomidachi!

Since we will be operating on somewhat of a truncated schedule this week due to some unusual (but annual) circumstances, this is just a quick notification to let you know what we'll be up to.

June 14-16 (Tues.- Thurs.)
Business as usual. Not that there's anything usual about this business . . .

June 17 (Fri.): CLOSED
Through the years I've whined about the marathon that is the Annual Ballet Recital, but you all know that's my way of trying to disguise how proud I am of our girls, Sasha and Jasmine. This year's series of recitals is special for our family because Jasmine is a featured soloist during the Friday, June 17 performance.  With all apologies to our thirsty Nomidachi who would normally drop by the shop on Friday, I wouldn't miss it for the world.

June 18 (Sat.): Meet the Brewer Tasting @ 5 pm
We hope you'll have a chance to join us this Saturday from around 5 pm as we welcome back Mr. Keith Norum, representing Nagano's Miyasaka Shuzo, brewers of the Masumi and Miyasaka brands. During the tasting, we'll be featuring a few of Miyasaka's products currently available in Washington, including the popular limited seasonal release, Arabashiri.

June 19 (Sun.): CLOSED
For Father's Day, and the last ballet recital performance of the year.

And, looking ahead . . .

June 21 (Tues.): Meet the Importer Tasting @ 6 pm
Monica Samuels from Vine Connections will be visiting and pouring selections from their excellent portfolio.  Don't miss it!

June 25 (Sat.): Saké Nomi 9th Anniversary @ 2-6 pm
'Hard to believe, but we will indeed be marking our 9th year in the sake-slinging business, and we'll be featuring a bunch of delicious selections at the significantly reduced price of $9/glass during this "open house" event.  We look forward to raising a glass (or 9!) with you!

Thanks very much for reading.  We hope to greet you again at Saké Nomi soon.

Johnnie & Taiko
June 2

Greetings, Nomidachi!

We hope you enjoyed the recent holiday weekend and the unofficial beginning of summer (where the heck did spring go?).

Summer brings with it many seasonal sake delights, and we're pleased to let you in on some new arrivals in the weeks leading up to our 9th anniversary, which we'll celebrate the weekend of June 24-26.


Last week's historic visit (because it involved a delivery from Taco Bell) from Ippongi Kubo Honten brewery's Kubo-san was a delight, but we soon ran out of his delicious Denshin Yuki ("Snow") Junmai Ginjo, and we regret more of you didn't have a chance to try it.  Not to worry, though, since we're having a case delivered today and will be pouring and selling it by the bottle throughout the weekend.  The sake is named "Snow," because Kubo-san's team wanted to create a sake that tasted like snowmelt from the mountains near the brewery, and that's exactly how it tastes -- delicious, clean, and elegant (in a great looking package, too).

We're also continuing to pour the popular limited seasonal release, Masumi Arabashiri . . . because we can.  Availability at the distributor is running low, but we're going to keep serving and selling it until it's gone.  Hopefully, we'll manage to save a case or so for the special "Meet the Brewer" Masumi Tasting on Saturday, June 18 -- mark your calendars, details to follow.



After too many long years, we are super excited to welcome back the delightful Linda Noel Kawabata (learn about her here) of the afore-mentioned sake export ogranization, ASPEC, for an evening of tasting and conversation focused on some of the delicious brews from Akita prefecture.

We are considering bringing in some new sake selections, and we would greatly appreciate your input regarding the ASPEC sake we'll be pouring during the tasting.

We hope you'll join us in welcoming Linda back to Seattle next Thursday!

Other upcoming visits/tastings:



Thanks very much for reading.  We hope to greet you again at Saké Nomi soon.

Johnnie & Taiko
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