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May 2021

May 25

Helloooo, Nomidachi!

Not sure if they're still a thing, given how disrupted the weekly calendar concept has become,  but a long weekend holiday is just around the corner, and we've got just the libations to help you marinate, contemplate, and celebrate.

We hope you and yours are well and continue to take good care of one another, and we look forward to seeing you "in person" real soon.


Arigatou & Kanpai!
Johnnie & Taiko

New Sake Arrival: Akabu
Featuring the Junmai Ginjo and Junmai in a special promotion priced 2-pack

Straight outta Iwate prefecture and brand new to Washington, we are absolutely thrilled to be able to add two brews from Akabu to our selection collection.

This brewery, currently under the direction of the founding family's 6th generation master brewer, was destroyed in the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, rebuilt and re-established in Morioka in 2013, and they were able to resume brewing in 2014. The young, energetic brewing crew has already been collecting prestigious industry prizes and recognition for their dedicated efforts.

Junmai Ginjo has a rusty goldish green coloring with green apple, pear, vanilla and citrus aromas and flavors. The clean minerality of the water is nicely expressed, as is the just right acidity and harmonious balance. Pasteurized just once, it has a soft, gentle texture, but is still very "hearty," and not as delicate as one might expect from a junmai ginjo brewed with local Gin Ginga rice milled to a daiginjo level 50%.
Price: $45/720 ml bottle (additional 10% discount in 2-pack)
Availability: In-store NOW

Junmai's greenish gold coloring is slightly lighter than the Junmai Ginjo, with notes of almond and roasted nuts in the nose. Also pasteurized just once, the flavor profile tends toward the rich, earthy end of the spectrum, with noticeable body and umami. Brewed with local Gin Ginga rice milled to a junmai ginjo level of 60%.
Price: $36/720 ml bottle (additional 10% discount in 2-pack)
Availability: In-store NOW

Kikusui Funaguchi 1500 ml "Smart Pouch"
All you need are 3 fingers to grab ‘n go the equivalent of 7.5 of the little gold “pocket rockets.” That rich jolt of flavor (and alcohol) you've come to know and love, just in time to share with vaccinated friends during the upcoming holiday weekend. The "smart pouch" was designed to protect the sake from UV light, specifically (we think) with outdoor ventures and adventures (camping, BBQ, kids' soccer games, etc.) in mind.

Price: $70/1500 ml "smart pouch" (with a spigot!)
Availability: In-store NOW

Kameizumi "Eternal Spring" Junmai Ginjo Nama Genshu

Arriving yesterday, a specially priced, longtime unpasteurized favorite: Kameizumi “Eternal Spring” Junmai Ginjo Nama Genshu.

With its abundantly fruity, almost perfumed, nose of banana, strawberry, carmalized pear, and candied fruit, this sake boldly announces the presence of famed CEL-24 yeast right from the start.  Much fruitier than most of the sake we have thus far encountered from Kochi, the acidity perfectly balances the sweetness and allows one to enjoy the harmony of the flavors and aromas.  Its delicate mouthfeel and slightly lower (14%) ABV makes it just right for warm weather sipping.

To make a long story and set of circumstances short, this abundantly fruity, perfectly acidic sake was $60/bottle, but we got a screaming good deal on it and are now able to offer it at $36/720 ml bottle, while supplies last.


May 12

Greetings, Nomidachi!

We always feel like spring is an especially good season to be a sake drinker, with the availability of many limited seasonal release spring namazake.

Since our distributors most often place their orders for these special sake to the importers and brewers based on previous years quantities, pandemic logistics have wreaked a little havoc, and some of our suppliers find themselves with extra stock on hand. Bad news for them, perhaps, but very good news for sake drinkers who appreciate the zing of spring in a bottle that is namazake.

But, let's cut to the chase: for a limited time, we will be offering the sake below as a 3-pack with a special "half-case" discount of 10%. Drink more, save more, and let us deal with the sales tax during this taxing time. Tasting notes and availability details below.

Also, we will be taking some "personal days" next week, so we will be
CLOSED May 19-21 to attend Sasha Ayano's graduation from Kenyon College. We are unbelievably proud of Sasha's accomplishments thus far and absolutely excited to celebrate with her on campus.

We hope you and yours are hanging in the best you can, and we appreciate your patronage and support.

Thank you & Kanpai!
Johnnie & Taiko

Spring Nama 3-Pack
Purchase all 3 for a 10% discount from the regular prices quoted below

Chikurin “Otoro”  Muroka
Junmai Ginjo Nama Genshu (Okayama) 
Otoro is a junmai daiginjo disguised as a junmai ginjo, in as much as it’s made with “estate grown” (by the brewer) Yamada Nishiki rice milled to 50%. It has a greenish gold tint (it is also muroka, or non-charcoal filtered), and a wonderfully complex nose showing raisin, honey, cinnamon, and plum. It has some spicy and peppery elements on the palate and a champagne-like semi-dryness, which ends in a subtle sour note and some astringency in the finish. This year's version really blew us away -- it's so amazingly good! 
Price: $50/720 ml bottle
Order by: Noon Sunday, May 16
ETA: In-store pick up 5/18 or 5/22

Seikyo “Omachi” Namazake
Tokubetsu Junmai (Hiroshima)     Soft & citrusy, with a luxurious, almost viscous mouthfeel.  Notes of grapefruit and lemon throughout, creating a wonderful, beguiling contrast between the sharpness of the acidic citrus elements and the silky texture.  Traces of minerality and astringency on the edges make it an ideal pairing for oysters on the half-shell.  
Price: $50/720 ml bottle
Order by: Noon Sunday, May 16
ETA: In-store pick up 5/18 or 5/22

Shichi Hon Yari “Seven Spearsmen” Namazake
Junmai (Shiga)                                
The nose is slightly smokey and yeasty, with notes of browned bread pastry, tangerine, and even a little mozzarella.  Light and soft, it features melon and mellow fruitiness on the palate, with some smoke and earthiness mid-palate, and traces of astringency and tartness on the edges and in the finish. 
Price: $40/720 ml bottle 
Order by: Noon Sunday, May 16
ETA: In-store pick up 5/18 or 5/22


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